How to check your sales commisson,and traffic if you are a sponsor of whitehatbox?

anthony jupiter | 2016-08-25 03:37:11

1.If you promote whitehatbox what is the commission rate and payment days and details?

Register here :http://www.whitehatbox.com/Account/Register the commission rate is quite high its 40%-50% return ,once the costumer using your affiliate link or code , that sale belong to your commission , and the link can record the costumer's comupter about 6 month.they pay at 20th every month ,no worries about that .for details of commission given click the red box of the below picture.you can enter the forum.

2.How to check my ecommission ,sales ,and traffic we bring ?

click the below red box of pictures.you can see them and check "setting" you can add your

paypal to recieve your commission

3.How to get my affiliate link to promote?

Its very easy just log in your affiliate account ,at very page of whitehatbox it has the button at the right front corner.You can promote the mainpage or every product page such as spinnerchief ,tweetattackspro ,botchief,followinglike...

4. The contact way


email:[email protected]