Some Tips Can Bring Your Sales If You Are An Affiliate of Whitehatbox

anthony jupiter | 2016-08-12 02:56:13

Many Seoers or publishers choose to be whiterhatbox affiliate ,there are two reasons involved.The payment ratio is quite high, and the most imoport is the credibilty ,whitehatbox pay on time every month with the exact the commission of they earned. So many people insist on being whitehatbox affiliate even for years. The following is what I summerized the tips how to imporve your effiency being whitehatbox affiliate.

1.How to use twitter to promote ?
As we all know that Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube are very easy to bring traffic especially you have thousands of followers or likes,you can add your affiliate link under your profile picture .or send a twitter infomation of your affiliate link


2.Using youtube to promote?

Yes youtube is very effective tool to promote , you can add your affiliate link under your video you upload and add some description and at main page of your youtube channel. You can also add your affiliate link on it ,its approved to be more effecive to bring sales.. And the most important is upload the original Videos, do it yourself even though it is not perfect.

3. What Other Social Media to Recommend
I think they are facebook ,instagrame ,tumblr . which is very important ,you can do the things like the twitter ,put your affiliate link at the mainpage that is the most recommended.

At last I hope we can make more traffic and sales being whitehatbox affiliate.

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