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  • SK Plugin It's a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSi's etc and then to write content for your chosen search term that has the perfect keywords, and the perfect density of those keywords. This plugin looks at the top 10 Google SERPS for your search term, compares them to each other, and then tells you the keywords that ALL the top 10 pages are using in their content, PLUS the density of those keywords. In less than a minute you will know EXACTLY which keywords and their relevant density to include in your website copy so that it matches Google's exact keyword expectations. Click here for more details. I have spinner chief elite version. How to use the feature above. Thanks
  • 2018-08-02 06:09
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  • So my laptop was stolen and i need to do a reinstall (on my new laptop) spinner chief elite version that i had paid a long time ago for almost USD 200. When i bought that software, the version was SC2 (that is what your support said, because i dont remember). I did get free upgrade to SC3 and then after that to SC4, obviously with the same version (ELITE). Now, if anybody here has been a long user of SC since the beginning, did you have to pay to upgrade or you get the upgrade for free (upgrade with the same version/type ex. SC3 Elite to SC4 Elite). I am asking this question, because support did not believe me that the latest version i was using is SC4 elite version. This is what he said: Hi,   I checked your license and payment, that license was not fit for the free update.   Regards, John From WhiteHatBox Team With that said, they just want to grant me with SC2 license (and i don't even know what version) I have given all the purchase detail (please ask your staff). I hope the one responding to this is not the same person responding my previous email. Thanks
  • 2017-03-24 03:36