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Anirudh kataria 2023/04/08 21:12:03 0 0
how to get affiliate id for traffic bot pro 3?I can't see it in affiliate products, please help
loney1234 2018/09/17 23:19:16 0 0
I would love to know the lowest number of ip that should be used for the bot generating traffic for a website.I want you to pls advise.
Juan Bascur 2021/03/15 06:00:48 0 0
FriendI am testing your software on my computer, but I want to install it on a VPS so as not to occupy my computer. I can't find a way to uninstall
Alexsabbb 2022/08/20 03:29:24 0 0
I extracted the files no pronlem click the program to run and doesnt even start on processes in windows taskPlease advise.  No antivirus active fyi
asinthawijerathne 2017/10/22 13:39:33 0 0
who can help me ?
Valen Gaming 2018/12/01 21:32:26 2 0
please anyone who can explain step by step this engine, the information is incomplete so minimum! even trafficbotpro site, no video at all, I bought it expensive, no instructions, please tell me about:1.network and reconnect2. Hits3. manage proxy, how to succes run this engine?4. example 1 campaign, and this campaign...
alex3393 2021/04/14 16:00:38 0 0
Hi I just purchased BlackBulkmailer & now facing this issues ,kindly come one can help em ...
Juan Bascur 2021/03/15 06:16:47 0 0
FriendHow can I configure the number of visits and the number of clicks, that is, 1000 visits with 10 clicks? according to the percentage
RobertL 2021/02/15 17:52:16 0 0
HiMy proxy provider have the possibility to manually call a URL to change the IP-adress.Can I use this with Traficbot Pro 2 to?So when a task is done, Traficbot calls this URL to change the IP.
TAMMY123 2021/02/10 18:06:40 0 0
HelloDoes anybody have problem with the google ad pop up when doing a YouTube browse?I am already for days in conversation with supportAnd they constantly turning arround the problemWhile I make video’s of settings and where the issue isWhen I custom settings I just can not doA control panel movement to get rid of the google ad pop upI can pass the YouTube pop up with no...
[email protected] 2021/02/01 21:22:17 0 0
Everywhere is the same error, I guess when it starts a debug window:...
sandhu5006 2020/12/22 09:51:04 0 0
is there any way to write a keyword in search box in any website and press ENTER key ? 
Blaise Thompson 2021/01/14 12:25:46 0 0
How do I turn on adclick? Just click ad “true”I have the program up and running. It looks different from the video.  How do I turn it on adclick? Can I manage ctr or does it click on ad every time program is opened.  Also is there any more videos on how to operate?   
darklorne 2019/06/20 13:34:56 0 0
NO TUTORIALS or USER MANUAL! Why are you selling Software with no instructions how to Use it!? I just purchased Traffic Bot Pro II $175 and there is NO USER MANUAL NO VIDEOS NOTHING! All I could find on the internet was an OLD video from 2 years ago. The software interface looks NOTHING like it does on the video, and the volume of the guy speaking is VERY LOW, I can barely hear him. I am pissed off! To charge this much for software and expect people to just GUESS how to use it. Ridiculous! If I ...
vocalviews 2020/09/06 19:51:36 1 0
I have tested our 4 elite residential proxy rotation services, the best and most expensive.And for each I am receiving this google cookie confirmation every time and it is not working, please could you kindly fix as it is consuming all my bandwidth and becoming quite costly with 0% results...
Blaise Thompson 2021/01/03 02:09:04 0 0
So I'm trying to get a single page action after I click on page I want an ad click on some and an action to click on the site and bring out the pop up. Ps how many visits a day can you make ?
Supawat 2018/09/07 14:55:09 0 0
HiI purchased Traffic Bot Pro in few day later.I would like to use Traffic Bot Pro for increase ranking my sites in Thai Language.Luminati have many Thailand proxy and I would like to use that for Traffic Bot Pro.How can I setting Luminati for Traffic Bot Pro?Thanks,
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