How to Make A SEO-Friendly Website?

nicolos | 2016-12-15 03:43:58

Making a professional website with stunning theme is not enough to make sure a better ranking for your website. You have to consider the significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while developing your website. Your website is your key medium to reach your potential customers. Your website is your medium to reach your potential customers. But, search engines work for your website, to make you visible and to give you a global presence. Hence try to be a search engine friendly websites. Following are few key factors which, if well prepared, can make your website listed in most search engines.

1. Make Your Navigation Simple

Try to design website navigation simple and descriptive for users and crawlers. Putting the navigation on top of the page is best idea for easy navigation of website. A simple navigation is what makes a good website. You can also put navigation buttons on bottom of the page because both top and bottom locations of the webpage are proved eye tracking positions for both humans and crawlers.

2. Use Keywords on Different Location

Keywords are very important for creating search engine friendly websites, but that’s not meant that you stuff your website content with keywords everywhere. Remember, search engines hate keyword stuffing. Use LSI keywords, but in a smart way. Put your keywords in image ATL tags and title. You can also put your keywords in meta tags, description, URL, footer links and heading tags of your website.

3. URL Should Be SEO Friendly

When we are discussing about how to make SEO friendly website, don’t ignore the URL structure of your website. Each and every web page of your website should have a SEO friendly URL so both user and search engine crawler can easily detect the information you are providing in website.

4. Keep Your Content Unique and Update

When writing content for your website, you have to be very sure that your content is unique and up to date. Search engine spiders are that much smarter today that they can easily detect the copied content very easily, so don’t even think to copy content from some other website. If you are providing some facts in your content, make sure that they are from relevant source on internet.