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Nexon Package not working

ReplyThanks 2018/12/07 21:27:39 0 0

hello i bought PAV Creator couple months ago its worked perfect until nexon.net Patch The Registration and seens then the Nexon Package Are not Working any more i get thse error everytime i trying to registerd

"A system error has occurred. Please try again later. (Error 2024/1902)"

altho its seems they patch mail.ru registration that everytime you registerd with mail.ru to nexon package

the email confirmation goes to Spam Box and not to Inbox and the PVAcreator cannot confirm the email

also i though maybe add Feature to PVACreator that you can Export all Pages in once and not Export each page that annoyng and make it hard work

pliz check it i talk with your Support in Skype a Month ago and since then there is no Answer and not solution pliz Take Care

i am Big customer i bought from you TubeAssist Pro Unlimited Account,Nexon.Gmail,mail.com.

and i dont want to go to refund Section

2018/12/10 17:32:35

Hey already replied to you in your support ticket. Please go to check it.

Contact us if you need more help.

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