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emmazhouzhou 2017/12/06 12:09:47 0 0
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Layla Singher 2021/06/18 21:56:19 0 0
hey there i have been having issues with fastbulkmailer , however i think it is not working  because of my internet, you see i have been using a wifi hotspot which i think could be affecting performance so i ask that could you please test this for me? Can you please run the black bulk mail software on your computer with a normal internet connection and verify it works,...
MCGADGETS101 2021/08/26 17:24:51 0 0
but it wont let me download i mean i have no idea where to find the download everytime i click download it pops up name email etc and they will send link with serial all ive gotten is sweial 
piotrchristine40 2021/08/20 04:54:27 0 0
i bought the pvacreator and i cant run the software. can someone please help me 
mikeinnyc 2021/10/11 08:29:50 0 0
I switched to Linux because of opensource vs privacy issues away from Microsoft.Any chance of running under Linux or do I need to spin up a windows LXC or VM and install?
Ximenez Austerberry 2021/01/06 03:40:18 1 0
Dear, update Tweet Attacks Pro to version 5 and when I want to execute an action it throws an error in the login. It tells me "there is no process associated with this object". I contacted technical support and they told me that the problem is the user agent that is outdated. I would like to know if the same thing happened to any of them and they know which is the current user agent to use in the program
xonik999 2021/06/05 20:05:34 1 0
Hello,is Followinglike still working? I have v3.3.1.4 installed right now. And with Whitehatbox v1.3.9 I can't update it!On www.followinglike.com I can't find a download link! Which is the latest version and where can I download it?Best regards
Sdrumsj 2021/05/22 17:38:23 1 0
Hello,I purchased TwitterAccountManager Pro and TAP 5 Ultimate Unlimited Accounts Version.1. Is Twitter Account Manager Pro supposed to be able to create unlimited Twitter acounts?I purchased thinking it could.2. Is there any documentation/tutorials for TAP5 or Twitter Account Manager?...
hamish 2021/04/28 22:18:13 0 0
Hello,I'm having a lot fo trouble setting up TAP5, My account is showing "unknown error" status. And i'm unsure how to fix it. Is there a good guide or video tutorial available?Thanks
salemationx 2021/05/06 04:37:25 0 0
I bought the Ultimate Unlimited Accounts Version, TAP5. I bought 1,000 Proxies, 1,000 email addresses, 1,000 Twitter accounts, I made sure that all of these works fine. Still the software gives me Unknown Error everytime it tries to connect to the twitter accounts.If anyone is able to train/teach me how it works, I would be happy to pay him extra money for that. Other than this, I would issue a refund, because it doesn't seem to work.My Email Address is: [email protected]
jriverarsky 2021/04/26 01:12:35 1 0
topkashmiriyt 2021/04/24 06:11:07 0 0
curtisds2108 2021/03/25 03:11:17 0 0
Has Anyone been paid from Tidal while using AIO? Just wondering if I should proceed with Tidal or go with Spotify free accounts to save me money. 
klucas 2021/01/04 16:51:04 0 0
Hello! For Soundcloud plays, do I need to add Soundcloud accounts into the software? 
Narine 2021/02/24 22:37:36 0 0
Hello :)I need advice, I use Aiostream 3 Spotify and I would also like to test another digital platform like Deezer?Is the configuration set up the same as for Spotify?Is it stable enough?Or if you have other platforms to recommend that would be cool!Thank you and good day !...
phamsang19071999 2021/03/20 00:40:20 0 0
I haven't used Followinglike for a long time. Just checked it yesterday and it seems that Followinglike is no longer update ? and I can not find the Following like thread, topic related.
Anthony Lopez 2021/03/04 13:57:21 0 0
Hello everyone I hope you are well, I bought the product a long time ago but it never worked and it has been a long time since the last time I made the claim but nevertheless I am giving myself the opportunity to see if it works, my question is the following Normal that I get so many pages of chrome and they do not stop, do I have to close them or let them pile up? How do I know if the bot is working? Because until now I don't understand how it works, I have followed all the steps that they told...
stephane verlhac 2021/03/01 03:47:47 0 0
Hello, today i run my aiostream, and it bug, i close and open new and ..... my key is lock. Please help me
sscom90 2020/11/03 20:38:31 0 0
Hi, ive purchased aiostream 1 hour ago and my serial number is invalid.emailed them and waiting for a reply, hope i should not open complaint with paypal
benjiix 2020/11/04 01:18:20 0 0
Hello, why use Residential Proxy and not Datacenter Proxy ?I know the difference but it make a real difference for bot streams ?
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